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Micrologic Fastest Test Platform

Micrologic Fastest test platform is built around ‘Fastest Suite’ Software Application, which is a fully configurable environment.  Fastest testers are offered as stand alone or as an integrated test system. 

 Testing is one of the most important aspect in manufacturing.  As the devices are becoming more sophisticated with technology, the complexity and speed of testing is of prime importance.  Also the test systems have to be configurable, flexible and scalable which can generate test data for analysis and interpretation to provide an online feedback for the processes for correction. 

Micrologic Fastest platforms are built with these principles.  The testers provide exhaustive test data which are analysed and reported.  These are in compliance with Industry 4.0 data exchange protocols, meaning the data can be connected to a third party industry 4.0 platform. 

  • PCBA Functional Testing
  • Device Flashing   
  • LED Colour, Intensity Test  
  • Boundary Scan  
  • RF Testing, Bluetooth, Wi-fi   
  • Voltage, Current, Resistance, Impedance   
  • End of Line Testing   
  • Bed of Nail Fixtures   
  • Machine Vision – LCD, TFT, LED  
  • Communication Tests – CAN, LIN, K-Line, RS 232, RS 485, USB, LAN  
  • Insulation Resistance, High Voltage testing   
  • Geometrical Measurement 

Automotive Electronics

  • Electronic Instrument Cluster End of Line Tester 
  • Functional Tester for PCB Assemblies 
  • Endurance Tester for Electronic Assemblies  
  • Vibration Tester for Electronic Assemblies   
  • Immobiliser End of Line Tester 
  • Device Flashing Platforms  
  • Elevated Temperature Test Platforms 
  • AC controller End of Line Tester 
  • USB Charger EoL Tester 
  • Steering Switch EoL Tester 
  • Reverse Parking Sensor (RPAS) EoL Tester 
  • Remote Key End of Line Tester  
  • PCBA Functional Tester  
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor Tester 
  • Vehicle Position Sensor Tester 
  • Temperature Sensor Tester 
  • Fuel Level Sensor Tester 
  • Infotainment End of Line Tester 
  • Automotive Rectifier Regulator Tester 

Automotive Lighting

  • LED Headlamp End of Line Photometry Tester  
  • Halogen Headlamp End of Line Photometry Tester  
  • LED Projector Lamp  
  • LED Homogeneity Tester  

Electric Vehicles

  • EV Traction Motor Controller End of Line Tester 
  • EV Hub Motor Controller End of Line Tester 
  • EV DC-DC converter End of Line tester 
  • Battery Management System (BMS) End of Line Tester 
  • Onboard Charger End of Line Tester 
  • Cell Sorting, Grading and Traceability Equipment  

Electronic Devices

  • Energy Meter EoL Tester 
  • Energy Meter Calibration platform  
  • Industrial switch End of Line Tester 
  • Electrical Safety breaker tester 
  • Current Transformer Functional Tester 

Medical Devices

  • Medical Device Packing Integrity Tester 
  • SPO2 Sensor Gang Programming Platform 

High Precision Geometrical Measurement

  • Complex Geometry Part Dimensional measurement machine < 1um 

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